Story Consulting and Coaching for Business

If you take the time to learn about story, to learn how to distill your own story, and to learn how to enact that story . . . you will have a huge, almost unfair competitive advantage.
— Ty Montague, author of TRUE STORY

Since time immemorial, stories have been our most powerful means of communication. We’ve painted our tales on cave walls and have swapped them around campfires and meeting tables. We continue to spread them with every new tool technology invents. Human beings don't just tell stories, we live them. 

In today’s disruptive environment, narratives shape our businesses and our lives more than ever. We swim in story, all day, every day, making it hard to separate the substance from the noise. As much as we crave meaningful interactions with clients and collaborators, we don’t always know how to forge them. 

We need a partner to help us identify our story and to teach us to enact it in a way that inspires and leads to action.

StoryNova is that partner.