We are natural storytellers

We've painted our stories on cave walls, shared them around campfires, and carved them on clay tablets since time immemorial. Today we continue to create stories for screens large and small, publishing them on Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube, and pitching them by PowerPoint in boardrooms and sales meetings. As technology changes, the way we tell and consume stories changes too. Audiences are no longer limited to traditional outlets. They are free to seek out and interact with content that interests them on the platforms of their choice--and to create stories of their own.

An explosion of content

This explosion of platforms and content puts greater power in the hands of audiences. There's tremendous pressure on content creators to keep up with their demands. Add to this all the new technology to master, and it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of competing needs pulling at our attention. In this speeded-up environment, story development can look like a waste of resources. Yet taking time to nurture a story yields extraordinary results. The most successful films, such as the hits Pixar Animation Studios keep releasing, are born of dedication to story first.

Story: The Eye of the Storm

StoryNova exists in the quiet space, at the eye of the storm. Our team takes the time to develop your ideas into viable entertainment properties, business initiatives, or other meaningful endeavors. Our methodology helps you connect with your inner storyteller, uncover the potential at the heart of your project, and unleash its power. 




We collaborate with screenwriters, directors, web series creators, and producers who need concepts, bibles, scripts, and stories for an international marketplace.


We work with clients creating interconnecting stories that expand across cultures and platforms. Our tools include story strategy, world-building, and character development.





We consult with fiction and non-fiction authors who wish to transform an idea into a fully-fledged story, or who are interested in expanding published stories to other platforms.


We help entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and non-profits identify their core stories and integrate them consistently across the entire range of their professional endeavors.


We guide organizations with outdated narratives in crafting fresh stories that transform their business cultures. Storytelling is the motor of motivation, engagement, creativity, and innovation.


We arm our clients with stunning pitch documents that sell a project's potential at home or abroad. We offer pitch strategy, visual presentation design, and professional and creative preparation.


We create concepts and scripts in-house and for internationally-minded entertainment industry clients. Our products have included film scripts, web series, and transmedia properties.

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EMBODIED Narrative

A liberating mind-body learning experience that helps clients shed their "should" stories and embrace a new and exciting narrative of possibility and choice. Great for performers, public speakers, conquering stage fright, perfecting a skill, and team building. Learn more here.


We put the tools of storytelling directly in your hands.  Contact us to arrange training sessions for your organization.