Master your Narrative

Historically, storytelling was the domain of the marketing department, but in today's networked world it's everybody's job. You and your collaborators are on the front lines of this transition. StoryNova puts the power of storytelling in your hands.


Story Audits & Story Consulting

Do you first need to identify and structure your company's core story before you can enact it across the entire range of your activities? Find out why a story audit or a story consultation is the place to start.

Storytelling Coaching for Executives

Do your leaders need coaching to find their place in your story, embrace their roles as brand ambassadors, and improve their overall communication skills? Learn how one-on-one coaching can build confident leaders.



Storytelling Workshops

Do you have entire teams or departments that could benefit from better storytelling skills? Inquire about workshops that are custom-tailored to address your specific needs.

Team Building

Does your team need an energy boost, a bonding moment, or a fresh purpose? Discover how using storytelling as a tool for empathy can build collaboration and amplify your team's collective intelligence.


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Story Creation

Do you need support in crafting an engaging story? We can draw from our professional network of transmedia storytellers to build your dream team. Ask us about it.

In order to tell better stories, brands must actually be better stories.
— Jonah Sachs, author, WINNING THE STORY WARS