Story is everybody's job

Gone are the days when storytelling was the domain of the marketing department. Today, It’s everybody's job. You and your collaborators are on the front lines of this transition. Here's how we put the power of story in your hands.


Master Your Narrative

Before you can enact your story across the entire range of your activities, you first need to identify and structure your organization's core narrative.  Find out why a story audit or story consultation is the place to start.



Empower Your Leaders

Once you have your core narrative, it's time to build confident leaders. Narrative leadership coaching helps your brand ambassadors articulate a vision, energize their collaborators, and embrace their authentic role in your organization.



Teach Your Collaborators

With your leaders on board, it's time to spread the power of storytelling to the rest of your collaborators. Our custom-tailored trainings are designed to improve the storytelling skills of both individuals and groups (teams, departments, divisions) and align them behind a common purpose. 



Strengthen Your Teams

When a team is going through a period of tension or dispersion, it's time to boost the energy and to encourage members to reconnect with the team's purpose and with each other. We build custom-tailored sessions that use storytelling to foster empathy, build collaboration, and amplify your team's collective intelligence.


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Create Your Best Stories

We can design your dream storytelling team to accompany you as you identify and shape your stories. Our professional network of transmedia storytellers can work with your team in an advisory capacity, or we can create impactful content for you.