All About Story?


I’ve been catching myself making a lot of assumptions lately. For example, I have been assuming for a while now that I know what I'm talking about when I say, “It's all about the story.”

It's a phrase I’ve repeated without much reflection. I’m a writer, a storyteller, so of course it's all about the story! But the phrase has started to bug me, like a word repeated so often it becomes unintelligible. What does it really mean?

"It's all about the story," I say to colleagues and clients, and they nod in agreement with me. But are we really discussing the same thing? Or are we talking at cross-purposes without realizing it?

A quick Google search of the phrase “It’s all about the story” turns up articles and posts about TV, film, social media, advertising, business, personal branding, journalism, blogging, leadership, PR, cultural heritage, religion, non-profits, and even country music. Story as a principle of life -- Story with a capital “S” -- is so big we can’t know it to the full. But we experience story in every area of human activity. By interlinking individual story manifestations, we might become better able to understand Story, the Principle. 

This blog will explore story in its many manifestations in an effort to touch upon the bigger questions: What is story? Why is story so important to us? And what is the IT that it’s all about?

I look forward to your questions, your thoughts, your suggestions, and even your challenges as we delve deeper into story together. Stay tuned!  

Alexis NikiComment